LCMR released the digital (free mp3!) version of the Polyps‘ Wheat cassette (on tape from Eggy Records) a couple months ago, and we were psyched to find it reviewed in Terminal Boredom’s Demo/Tape Review feature here.

Polyps’ Peixe 7”, released on Eggy Records just minutes before Wheat, has been heard on WFMU and reviewed at Dusted’s Still Single, where the A-side was compared to “bouncy Elephant 6 type pop” and the B-side to New Zealanders like Pumice, Peter & Graeme Jefferies. Right on!

Lead Polyp Raf writes “Eggy releases are available at Exiled in Portland, Or., Twisted Village in Cambridge, Mass. and Armeggedon [sic] and What Cheer Antiques in Providence, RI.”

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The LCMR Recording Co is incredibly psyched to offer new music from The Polyps. Wheat is a limited edition cassette available from Eggy Records, and we’re hosting both sides as mp3s. The Polyps is Raf Spielman’s lo-fi (as in straight-to-dictaphone) recording project. You may recognize Raf as a leading member of The Blood Lemons, and The Golden Hours, and/or as a the guy playing the tiny toy synth in the original incarnation of Get Him Eat Him . The Polyps finds Raf teaching a ramshackle amorphous group of friends how to play songs and then recording them on the spot, before they can actually learn them, while the energy is the most fresh. More Polyps mp3s are available from WFMU here, and check out their other cassette Isla & Elma, available from Digitalis Industries Limited.

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Wednesday July 2nd 2008
Lame Drivers at Southpaw (125 5th Avenue in Brooklyn)
OXFORD COLLAPSE, who are ruling 2008 with a slew of 7”s on Comedy Minus One, as we all eagerly await their Sub Pop release Bits.
FRIGHTENED RABBIT from Scotland who, according to Dan of Oxford Collapse, are killer, and we believe him! They have a song called The Greys that is about The Greys, you know, like the extra terrestrial race from space? I was watching an International History Channel special about them the other night on TV.

Thursday July 24th 2008

Lame Drivers at Cake Shop (152 Ludlow St NYC)
HOME BLITZ (LCMR’s favorite current band from NJ! Members of Car Commercials and Vice City Rockers!)
THE FACE ACCIDENTS (LCMR’s favorite current band from DC! Formerly known as The Fake Accents)

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Hello and welcome to LCMR Records, home to bands, like Lame Drivers, 2nightmayorezzz, Puppen, Chain Reaction, Pole Position, and King Nebukadenzar. This is where we will post occasional updates as we continue to grow, and observations about some of the other music out there that is good and/or bad, and other things.

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