The LCMR Recording Co is incredibly psyched to offer new music from The Polyps. Wheat is a limited edition cassette available from Eggy Records, and we’re hosting both sides as mp3s. The Polyps is Raf Spielman’s lo-fi (as in straight-to-dictaphone) recording project. You may recognize Raf as a leading member of The Blood Lemons, and The Golden Hours, and/or as a the guy playing the tiny toy synth in the original incarnation of Get Him Eat Him . The Polyps finds Raf teaching a ramshackle amorphous group of friends how to play songs and then recording them on the spot, before they can actually learn them, while the energy is the most fresh. More Polyps mp3s are available from WFMU here, and check out their other cassette Isla & Elma, available from Digitalis Industries Limited.

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